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Repeater System

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Last edit: 3/22/17

Thank you for your interest in the N1IMO-N1IMN Repeater System.  We hope you find the system useful and enjoyable.  Please feel free to use it, and pass the word along to a friend.

Quick Reference Guide
Site and Frequency Information
New England Repeater Directory

You can now find the N1IMO-N1IMN repeater system on EchoLink at N1IMO-R, node number 336966
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Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) Join us for the Hillsborough Emergency Net:

Monday night at 8:00 p.m. - 146.730 pl 88.5 (and rest of N1IMO-N1IMN Netowrk)

For information about Skywarn in Hillsboro County, New Hampshire check out this web site:
New Hampshire SKYWARN

Simplex Frequency: A simplex frequency commonly used in the area is 147.405.

Check out Beltronics for two way radio sales and service.


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